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Sick of not branding & marketing yourself and your business effectively? Get these 16 branding & marketing Hacks right NOW and take charge! For a limited time only, I will offer my Branding & Marketing Bundle for $99 …. Total value over $299!! After 90 days this bundle will go back to full price! Take advantage of this deal today and put these principles to work and achieve success fast.

Included in The Branding & Marketing Bundle;

✔️ Building your professional brand & targeting your audience

✔️ 5 Steps to an Effective Social Media Strategy for Your Small Business

✔️ 5-Tips-for-a-Winning-Website

✔️ 10 Powerful Video Marketing Tips

✔️ 28 Lead Magnet Ideas

✔️ Business-Strategy-Checklist

✔️ Copywriting and Branding Essentials

✔️ Marketing-Your-Practice

✔️ Smart-Ways-To-Market-Your-Business-With-Social-Media

✔️ Social Selling 101 - Daily Checklist

✔️ Public Relations for Small Businesses

✔️ The Keys to Being a Great Leader - Worksheet

✔️ Quick Networking Tips for Entrepreneurs Short on Time

✔️ Website Checklist

✔️ 5 Days to Public Speaking Success

✔️ The Ultimate Sales Pitch Course

Branding & Marketing Bundle

Latoya Scott Press

12 Step Business Mentoring Program

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Latoya Scott

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